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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There is not a girl that I know that did not own at least one Barbie.  Growing up we pretended that our lives would be much like Barbie.  From her Posh three story house to her pink Corvette, Miss Thing had it ALL!  I had a chance to play with my moms Barbie's.  Yes, she had a few of the originals.  If I knew what I knew now and would have kept them in good condition, I would have had a glamorous collection of vintage and present Barbie's. 
Good girls with DIVA attitudes is probably one of the best ways to describe our tween girls today.  Instead of trying to be like Barbie, they walk, talk, and dress as if they are Barbie.  Because Barbie is an all time favorite and is one of the most POSH dolls around the world, we had to include her in our POSH GIRL COUTURE collection.  You can find her girly designs in our Posh PersonaliTEE collection, both embroidery and bling. 
PGC is all about being Pink Carpet Ready from head to toe so we had to include the Barbie bling toe sneakers...a must to complete the perfect outit!
For us HAUTE Mama's, varies designers know that we have not lost our touch with a few of our childish ways.  Deep down inside, we are still trying to live the lavish lifestyle of our dear friend Barbie.  Here are a few of my favorite PInk and POSH Barbie things!

Oh yeah, I am definitely a BAG lady!  When I find this bag, I will get has POSHGirl written all over it!
Nicki Minaj style bling necklace...need I say more!
Posh Girl Couture offers this design on a shirt, tank, or sweatshirt.  We are in the process of launching our denim collection for Fall 2011 and guess who will be a part of our POSH collection...Yes, Barbie!

Awww...I'm speechless!  It's soooooo ME!  Even though I know it will not fit the entire family...maybe it can be just for the girls, Madison, Morgan, and MOM!


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