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Monday, December 20, 2010

PGC is a Blogger NEWBIE!

HELLO FASHIONISTAS!  PGC has a BLOG now...what is a girl to do?  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Michaelle, proud owner of Posh Girl Couture also known as PGC.  PGC is an online boutique for girls who have a PASSION for FASHION!  Like many fashion guru's, I was introduced to fashion pretty early in my life.  From my Great-Grandmother to my Mother, there were 5 generations of what I call FASHIONfreaks...what would my Grandmother say to me about that?  For years I have grown up with the passion and now I am passing it on to my girls.  Of course todays fashion is NOT what fashion was in our hay day, but that's the fun of the generational change.  Besides, fashion is like a boomerang,,,it will come back around!  So, I am excited to have you join me and PGC for a daily dose of fashion talk.  My goal is to get our lil girls looking and feeling like PRINCESSES again and not like mini adults...we have enough of them!